Who can benefit from EPIC consulting?

NOVASIND EPIC Consulting can empower the leaders, managers, and the employees at all levels for greater organizational success.

NOVASIND targets reformed cultural changes by way of the consulting process being exemplified, first and foremost, by the leadership. For this reason, it is strongly recommended that the CEO and the C-Suite undergo the consulting process first, and then the knowledge be shared with the workforce so that these changes resonate throughout the entire organization.

CEO Consulting

The CEO is taken, one on one, through a series of ten 30 minutes consults, followed by a 15-minute Q&A (in person or video conference). NOVASIND will cover the theoretical and immediately actionable concepts of EPIC Consulting during these sessions. The CEO will be able to apply the knowledge gained to radically transform their leadership and understanding of cultural establishment to bring about system level optimizations in their organization. The CEO will also improve critical thinking skills, and the ability to reconstruct all problem areas in his/her professional and personal life.

C-Suite Consulting

  • The C-Suite is also taken through the same series of 30 minutes Consults and 15 minute Q&As (in person or virtual).
  • This group level interactive consulting with the members of the C-Suite.
  • The interactive dialouge with the CEO and C-Suite ensures the preservation and optimization of top-down guided leadership that integrate seamlessly with mobile based application consulting for the entire workforce.

Entire Workforce

NOVASIND will present the theoretical and practical methods discussed with the CEO and the C-Suite to the entire workforce through a mobile friendly application. Employees will be able to listen to the entire audio/visual modules through the mobile application on their mobile device. This ensures that employees, at all levels of the organization, are on the same page where the understandings of the concepts are concerned.