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"We strive to create a balanced and results oriented organization through our proprietary EPIC consulting process that underpins the function and performance of employees at all levels in an organizational hierarchy."

Bill Crager CEO Envestnet

“James Smith has provided a framework for understanding interpretation, thought, fact, and misconception that builds a decision-making construct for more direct engagement and better outcomes. Parsing emotional response, collecting and challenging facts, this collaborative management process creates a balanced, results oriented, far more impactful model for leadership and the organization.”

Commander Miltary Special Operations

“The fusion of knowledge from stoic ethics, psychology and physics that James applied in his instruction through the lens of Special Operations, greatly improved my operational capability and strategic thinking. After 22 years of service, I took a large step forward to achieving the illusive craft-mastery.”

Taylor Johnson Performance Engineer, Esports Science
Chief Performance Engineer, Statespace Labs

“I have been working with James since 2015. Amongst many of James’s talents, I find him to be the most brilliant sounding boards I have ever come across. With each consultation, I’m blown away by his level of thinking as well as his objective reasoning and advice. Most importantly, he forces you to think and question what you think you may know and develop iterations of your current models of understanding. Taking all this a step further, his psychological preparation consultations have been one of the most influential frameworks that’s altered how I perceive life, both personal and professional.”

Holly Andersen MD Attending Cardiologist and Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine
New York-Presbyterian Hospital, Weill Cornell Medical Center
Director of Education and Outreach for The Ronald O. Perelman Heart Institute

“James Smith could be your secret weapon. If you are a CEO, you will be given the tools to change the culture of your company to one that elevates your employees and allows for maximum growth and improvement. You will be convinced that “error identification and correction” i.e., a culture that not only allows but seeks criticism prevails over dogma. You will reimagine your hiring process and that alone could be the return on your investment. In an attentive, deliberate and organized manner, James Smith combines neuroscience, epistemology, and the world’s greatest philosophy to convince you that the NOVASIND EPIC consulting approach will outmatch your competition and drive great success. Personally, NOVASIND EPIC consulting will not only increase your performance, it will enhance every aspect of your life.”